It’s time for the adventure junkies to let lose all their worries and fly like a bird. The concept of fly boarding is new in India, but undoubtedly will stay forever. To experience flyboarding make sure you know swimming and also make sure that you are not hydrophobic. Before going for the activity, you will be given a short description, sort of a verbal training so that you know what the activity is like.

What fly Boarding actually is?

It is a board with straps which are tied to your feet. There are two water jetpacks beneath each foot and the fly board is attached to a jet ski with a long tube. When the jet ski moves fast on the water, the water reaches through the long tube to water jetpacks and makes a person fly. You can go up to 30 feet in the air and five under the water and again come out like a twirling dolphin.

Booking Information

The package might be a bit costly but fly boarding experience is just so exhilarating that you will have a gala time of your life. Make your bookings fast so that as soon as possible you can enjoy this watersport activity. The concept of fly board fun is enthralling as you rise to a certain level in the air and have an aerial view of everything around. You have to be transparent to the instructor about your health. If there is any health issue you need to tell prior to your activity.

Price Details

Duration Price Per Person
10 Minutes 2699
15 Minutes 2999
20 Minutes 3999
30 Minutes 4599

Book online and payment is also quite safe and secure. You can just sit at home and make payment through credit or debit card. You can also pay through net banking.  You have to be above 13 years old to participate in it. Get on the board and experience a totally new idea of enjoying on your Goa trip.