Your Complete Guide To Scuba Diving in Goa
Scuba Diving in Goa

Goa – most commonly famous for its Portuguese heritage, waterfront adventure sports, nightlife and pungent food never fails to make your trip more fulfilling.  The reason for being the most-loved beach destination is the picture-postcard view of the Arabian sea, the lengthy coastline with coconut trees spread across the golden sand. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Goa?

Amidst your holidays, do not fail to take some time out for watersports activities as Goa has some wonders to offer. To begin with, Goa has one of the best spot for Scuba Diving in India with utmost clarity of the water and sheer life underwater. Scuba diving is generally known for giving a lifetime memory that you will never get over with. As per the survey, there are over 1 million species of plants and animals and it is presumed that there may be around 8 million more that are yet to be discovered. You will be left in awe once you get to witness the mysterious world under water having different forms of lives in different shapes, sizes and colors. As the saying goes, “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul”.

Diving in Grand island, Goa

There are a lot many operators in Goa to offer you different packages at different locations for different prices, but be careful with whom who book. Before enrolling yourself for Scuba Diving, have a piece of thorough information about the tour operator and packages he offers because there are many locations for Scuba Diving but not all have got the same level of visibility. If you want to experience the best, do not hesitate to spend on a premium package as you will get what you give.

Interesting Facts About Scuba Diving in Goa

  • Scuba Diving is “Safe & Sound”

Unlike other activities which require intense training before doing the activity in real, Scuba Diving does not call for such hardcore training sessions as it is no rocket science to become one with nature. However, for making the diver comfortable with water there is a short 20 minutes’ session where in your instructor guides about some breathing techniques and usage of diving equipment provided. With each diver, there is an instructor underwater to take charge of all activities like photos and videos, safety about the diver. Hence, Scuba diving is utterly safe n sound.

  • Eligibility For Scuba Diving

Age Group:  As per norms laid down, all above 10 years of age are eligible to enroll for Scuba Diving. All below 10 years of age can be taken on the boat but will be charged for even accompanying on the boat.

Physical Disabilities:  For all Scuba fanatics who have some physical disabilities like half paralysis- lower body can go for diving provided their tour operator has arrangements for lifting up the diver everywhere and have a special team of instructors for such challenges.

Getting Started With Scuba Diving


Depending on the package you take, you are given training either in a swimming pool before you jump off or directly into the ocean. It is suggested to take a package that offers training in the pool first so the diver can get a hang of moving around underwater with all equipment on him. Once, the training is completed, you are allowed to choose if you wish to continue with the activity or would like to drop off but there is no cash back in this case. In all cases, you are suggested to keep calm and enjoy the activity as it is going to leave you in awe. Savor every moment of scuba diving as you are about to become a part of that eerie world.

Once you are done with your diving experience, you become eligible for Certification from SSI (Scuba Schools International), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) etc.

Best scuba diving information goa

Popular Dives in Goa

There are a number of sites that are suitable for Scuba Diving, but not all have the same visibility level. However, the best ones that offer incredible marine life are given as follows

  • Grande Island

Grande Island is most suitable for Scuba Diving in Goa as it has wonders underwater. There are bigger and better aquatic animals present in and around this site. It is located near Vasco Da Gama and it is easily accessible through boats departing from various boat jetties like Sinquerium, Dona Paula etc. On your way to the Grande Island, you will possibly witness dolphins twirling in and out the water leaving everyone enthralled

  • Sail Rock

   Sail Rock is a rock pinnacle protruding out of the surface of the Arabian sea and is located only 1km from Grande Island. It can be of great fun if you are an experienced diver and wish to jump off the rock into the water below opening up to a mysterious world. Do not be amazed to see some bigger fishes like Tuna, Eagle Rocks etc. But please be informed that only well-trained divers can use this site for diving as it is deeper compared to other sites and jumping off a rock is not a piece of cake. You may happen to injure yourself.

  • Turbo Channel

Beyond 8 meters of depth, there is an exceptional site awaiting to amaze you with various species of tropical fishes like triggerfish, angelfish, stonefish, porcupine fish etc. However, the ocean currents are stronger here so it may become difficult for the divers to take pictures and videos underwater.

  • The Shelter Cove

Furthermore, this site has the maximum depth of 6 meters and is perfect for well-trained divers. The water currents are minimal here. Do not miss to grab an opportunity to come across beautiful corals, lionfish, and Hawksbill Turtles at this site.

The above mentioned are only a few sites out of many. As it is believed that Goa has the best sites in India to conduct scuba diving, a number of locations will have something for you in the surprise box. Witnessing the beauty solely depends on which package you select.

Scuba Diving Pricing

If you enroll in a premium package that ranges from Rs.3500/- to -Rs.5000/- at Grande Island, be rest assured about your experience with scuba diving. However, if you fall for cheap deals ranging from Rs.1500/- to 2500/- giving you attractive offers like a combo of Scuba with watersports, then please be prepared for disappointments as what you’re offered is not even going to be anywhere close to Scuba Diving. So, ensure that you do some research about nearby tour operators and get the most promising package of scuba diving for yourself.

Once you are done with your Scuba Diving, do not forget to collect the same from your instructors as that is all that you are going to have as your priced possession for the magical moments of yours spent under the pristine waters.

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